I Wonder Why...

  1. I wonder why the King of kings

  2. would choose to come as a helpless babe,

  3. As the firstborn son of a village girl,

  4. betrothed to a workman of no renown,

  5. I wonder why He would choose a cave

  6. with an animal's trough for a crib that night,

  7. Instead of a palace befitting His rank

  8. with servants and linens and candlelit rooms.

  9. I wonder why the news of His birth

  10. was given to shepherds on dark hills watching,

  11. Instead of announcing it far and wide

  12. to the world's influential and rich and fair.

  13. It's strange, don't you think, that the Lord of all lords

  14. should willingly choose to be overlooked,

  15. When He had the power to command men's respect,

  16. to set up His kingdom with justice and might?

  17. Love was the reason that He came from heaven,

  18. Putting aside His crown and His throne,

  19. Taking the form of a child, meek and lowly,

  20. Living among us that God's truth might be known.

  21. Love for the sinner, the poor, and downtrodden

  22. Brought Him to Bethlehem's manger that night,

  23. To be born of a maiden and welcomed by shepherds,

  24. To bring us from darkness into the light.

  25. Christ came to serve us, not to be served,

  26. To taste for each one of us suffering and loss,

  27. To redeem and transform us into God's image,

  28. Setting us free through His death on the cross.

  29. He came to all those who would humbly receive Him,

  30. Confessing their need and forsaking their sin,

  31. He came to bring peace with God and each other,

  32. Exchanging our fear for hope deep within.

  33. To Him be the glory at this Christmas season,

  34. And ever and always all through the year!

  35. He is our Life, our Joy, and our Comfort—

  36. The One whose return may be very near!

  37. Madeline Hayes, Christmas 1985

    May the Blessings of Christmas be yours as you remember God's love for us in sending His Son to be our Saviour.